Decatur Propane

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Wesroc Tank Monitoring

Decatur Propane ensures timely deliveries to your home. The minimum gallons for delivery for your tank is 100 gallons. Call us when your tank gets to 20%. If your tank runs completely out of gas, it is required by state law to run and document a pressure test. To save you time and money, we recommend the monitoring system offered by Decatur Propane! It's a great solution to keep your tank full year round! Read more on this page!

Residential Deliveries

Never run out of Propane in your tank again! With our monitoring system, you will never run out of gas again. For $10 a month, Decatur Propane will keep an eye on your percentage gauge. Once your tank gets low we will automatically come and deliver your gas. You will never have to go out and look at your tank. This service also includes a free mobile app! You can keep up with your usage and percentage from anywhere!